The Pruneyard

Client: Ellis Partners
Location: Campbell, CA
Architect: Lowney Architecture
Role: Designer

Identification, tenant, and regulatory signs for a 27-acre shopping center, including restaurants, banks, a grocery store, a theatre, and various retail shops. The existing monument signage was large, more appropriately sized for freeway traffic, and added to the visual clutter of the site. New signage, designed in tandem with a site reconfiguration and refresh by Lowney Architecture, was reduced and consolidated, and monuments were sized to an appropriate scale for passing vehicular traffic. The sign materials match new architectural finishes, but the detailing in the signs, such as the custom perforation pattern, are a nod to some of the existing Spanish inspired architectural details. The top of the new pylons illuminate at night like lanterns, acting as beacons at every entrance, and acknowledging some of the old world design features of the center.