Stripe Townsend Office

Client: Stripe
Location: San Francisco, CA
Role: Lead Designer / Project Manager

Interior wayfinding and code signage for Stripe’s new seven floor San Francisco Headquarters. Themed by floor, using iconography and room names, the major wayfinding challenge was creating a sign program that was both easy to use and had “whimsy”, a requirement of the client. The materials, wood and anodized metal, match finishes found throughout the building, fitting seamlessly into the architecture. The overhead directionals mimic the wood slats of the ceiling and the floor directories are made up of a series of five panels that are configured in a unique pattern per floor. The regulatory signage is simplified version of the wayfinding signs,¬†using just the wood with a painted return. In addition to the wayfinding and regulatory signage an art wall for the cafeteria is being designed. Depicting the locally sourced food used in the cafe, the icons are magnetic and are designed to be moved as food sources are updated.

Completion Date: Summer 2018
Interior Renderings: M Moser Associates