Hello! My name is Kelly & I design things. I am currently an experiential / environmental graphic designer based on the West Coast. I strive to find beautiful & functional solutions for every client & job.

I graduated from the University of California Davis with a degree in Visual Communications in 2011, but my love for design didn’t start there. Two weeks before I was born my parents opened their first grocery store. Watching my mother create all the store layouts, designs, and marketing instilled in me a love of tangible design that solved real problems.

Since then I have been pursuing design in every aspect of my life. I’ve enjoyed working in house and for design consultants, and love to learn as well as mentor other designers.

When I’m not designing I’m most likely trying not to kill my house plants (any tips?), watching a good or bad movie (let’s be real, I’m really watching tv), or thinking about ice cream (my greatest weakness).